Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Right to Be

I ponder as each day grows dark,
Why dreams must dim and smiles grow stark;
Why fear looms larger in the night,
And people cry for morning’s light.

I wonder, for it makes no sense,
To catalog each difference
Between my neighbor and myself,
And store it high on hatred’s shelf.

I ponder and I wonder long,
Why welcoming new folks is wrong;
When they might have so much to give,
And all they want is just to live.

They live, they love, they laugh, and cry;
Aspire, perspire, grow old, and die.
Though some don't look like you and me,
All humans have a right to be!

They  tell me we’ll be great again,
But can’t say how and can’t say when;
That we are only on “our” side,
And soon, we’ll build a wall...and hide.

Mick McKellar

February 2017
Question: Can’t they just swim around the ends of the wall, or fly over it?


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Silent Ballets

Silent Ballets

Stillness envelops,
As snowfall develops,
Rolling beneath a white curtain.
Shivers anticipate,
Watchful bright eyes await;
A silent ballet is certain.
And shifting and sifting,
Of sparkling dunes drifting,
That plunge and erupt their burden.

Shining snow-devils dance,
Across sunlit expanse,
Dazzling carpets of diamonds, bright.
Until sunlight has gone,
When the cloud break moves on,
And greyness descends as a blight —
Upon brilliance displayed,
Where the snow creatures played,
Cavorting for joy in my sight.

The shifting snow races,
To cover all traces,
Of winter’s delirious dance.
While I watch at window,
Enjoying the grand show,
And awaiting another chance.
Mick McKellar
February 2017

I complain often about so much snow, but I truly enjoy the wild, windblown ballet.