Saturday, January 04, 2020


Between the super-massive cacophonies
And Earth-shattering upheavals ,
Lies the momentary peace
When the world takes a breath,
To begin the next cycle.

I want to be the tiny whisper
On the silent wind
During that pregnant pause.
I want to ask:
At what cost?
Is it truth? Is is right?
"What about there room for me in your new world?"

I want to laugh at the ridiculous.
I want to cry with the victims.
I want to sing the songs of change,
And recite the poetry of remembrance.
I want to write words that encourage those
Blinded by hate, goaded by fear, and misled by liars and charlatans--
To open their eyes and really look at what is happening around them
And to them.
I want to question power and scoff at riches,
Searching for what humanity remains beneath.

Physically, I am not imposing.
Mentally, I am not a giant.
My heart has seen darkness and did not die.
I have traveled to death's door and returned.
I have something to say.

Mick McKellar
January 2020