Monday, September 20, 2021

Amazing Dreams: The Lost Soul's Price

The wind on the road in the lonely dark,
Sang a tune softly with warnings so stark,
I dared not ignore their timely advice;
Though I had no desire to disembark,
From my darkling path of the lost soul's price.

In grief, I embarked on this austere quest,
With only one other, my silent guest,
Whose attempt to befriend a misanthrope,
Who eschewed both companionship and rest,
Depleted his store of friendship and hope.

Alone now, astride an ancient draft horse,
Who alone seemed able to set a course,
We wandered forlorn in the dreary mist;
Pain in a saddle, a bag of remorse,
Cracked visage broken, and face Faery-kissed.

Sudden as thunder came warm, soothing light.
Gone were the shadows, the gloom, and the night;
Gone was the burden my old shoulders bore.
A kindly young man appeared on my right,
"Come down!" He commanded with great ardor.

"Why so dismal, my child, what troubles you?"
He asked. (His eyes said he already knew.)
"I caused a death, and I must pay the price!
Pay the lost soul's price is all I can do!"
My words were bitter as frozen blood ice.

His laughter was warm, with comfort and love,
"His soul is with God, in Heaven above!"
He shone like sunshine on newly formed ice.
"You were not at fault!" Said a wondrous dove,
"And He paid for every lost soul's price!"

Mick McKellar
September 2021

My dreams can sometimes wake me up.


Saturday, September 18, 2021

Amazing Dreams: The Old Man on the Hill

I stood on a hill overlooking the world,
And the world looked up at me,
In my raggedy jeans,
In my t-shirt covered with my dog's fur,
In my sagging socks,
In my wispy hair fluttering faintly,
In the sun.
And in my crusty, crackling whisper I said,
"I can not cry for you!"
For I had no tears to shed for them.

And they laughed...

Their bloated, bleary and bulging faces,
Shining with a ghoulish light of hilarity,
Bathed in self-indulgence,
Born in unfocused hunger,
Bred in fear and hate,
Glared in focused rictus --
Uttering a hideous growl of mirthless laughter
At the old man on the hill,
Who had no tears for them.

And they blamed...

Eight billion minds burned a hole in my chest.
Eight billion hearts poured their grief in my soul.
Eight billion voices cried my name in their rage.
And I threw my arms wide,
So none could miss.

My hand brushed the moon as I reached for stars;
My arms gathered light from ages past,
And wisdom from those who walked there.
My heart hummed with joy,
As I comforted all,
And I found the tears,
To shed for all humankind.

Mick McKellar
September 2021

Amazing what one can do in one's dreams.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Amazing Dreams: Fantasies of an Old Man

I stand on the brink of a waterfall.
My wings gleam white in the dawn’s golden light,
Showering sweetly on faces of all
Who gasp at the sudden death of the night.
Many who hide in the valley below,
Shield tender ears and avert fearful eyes --
Gravity lashes water to bellow
And to roar as the falling river cries.
None hear my aging voice cast on the air;
Comforting words never reach tender ears.
I pierce the abyss on wings white and fair;
The joy of my flight distracts from their fears.
Their cheers and hurrahs support my grand flight.
Their bright shining faces dispel the night.

Mick McKellar
September 2021

When folks are so afraid they cannot hear and cannot see, joy may break through to dispel the shadows and bring the light.