Thursday, August 05, 2021


All alone one day, in our big backyard,
I closed both my eyes with a great soft sigh,
Then I stood stock still without breathing hard,
And raised both my arms to the sunny sky.
I squared my shoulders and I locked my knees,
Standing straight and tall in the morning's glow,
I heard singing birds and felt a soft breeze,
Then I let my imagination grow...

Hungry roots plunged deep into rich brown earth.
I had thousands of leaves instead of hair.
My canopy of consciousness, gave birth
To awareness of trees everywhere.
I felt the Earth spinning beneath my feet.
I felt agony from forests ablaze.
I cried at the sacrifice and defeat,
Of each woods and forest we humans raze!
I shared in their green communion a while;
I felt the depth of their long, slow regard.
Then quick -- with a teary eye and a smile,
I stood all alone in my big backyard.

Mick McKellar
August 2021

Although this journey might be a fiction, there remains a possibility it is not.