Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Waking Dreams

I know it used to drive my parents nearly to distraction...even as a child I almost never slept. I would finally put my head on the pillow at about 2:00 AM and be wide awake at 5:30 or 6:00 AM. I've kept to that schedule for most of my life, sleeping longer only when extremely fatigued or ill.

My doctors long felt I am amassing what may be the monster sleep-debt of all time, but nothing short of medications can extend those little slices of death, those insensate slumbers others cherish so much and I fear - for oversleeping leaves me fatigued, stiff, and sore. Recently, however, studies have indicated it may be normal for some people to sleep shorter periods at night, compensating with the occasional nap during the day. Who knows, I may be "normal" after all. Perhaps, like the hummingbird, my mind is meant to rest only on the nonce or during the long final dream...


Waking Dreams

I stay up late, and I wake up surly,
Listening hard for the sound of my heart.
Why does morning have to start so early?
And what if I'm not quite ready to start?
Odd questions from one who sleeps so little,
Who finds it so hard just close his eyes.
Whose sleep schedule is so very brittle,
The smallest problem, a full night denies.
Unresolved issues will keep me awake,
Pondering long until a wee hour;
No knowing how long an answer will take -
Short cuts are simply not in my power.
If you want me tired, looking half-dead,
Just ask a hard question, right before bed...

Mick McKellar
December 2007

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