Monday, August 24, 2009


I've always considered myself a reasonable, rational, reasoning being. Like everyone, I want my world to make sense and to offer a measure of comfort and security. With each news broadcast and with each article I read, I am given reasons to worry, reasons to fear, reasons to run and hide from all the chaos and from the chorus of angry voices. The negativity, anger, and evil are overwhelming if taken at face value, if accepted as the only reality of our age.

Each day, as I review the litany of loss before my eyes and in my ears, I consider the results of blind acceptance and reject those results as not a self-defeating prophesy. I remember that prophets of doom have always been with us, and despite their despite, the power that created all continues and the love that made us lives on, in us and all around us.



There's a thousand good reasons to be sad,
Sit and cry...
Every one of them is wrong,
For they only bring sad endings to our song.

There's a million good reasons to be mad,
Can't deny...
And yet none of them are right,
For they only cause the best of us to fight.

There's a billion good reasons to be bad,
Want to die...
Not a single one is true,
For they only keep us all from loving You.

My world is not a simple place,
The tides of my future shift and slide,
But with a measure of Your grace,
I'll have no reasons left to want to hide!

There's only one good reason to be glad,
It's no lie...
And it's the truth everywhere,
Our world exists because Your love is there.

And that is my simple morning prayer.

Mick McKellar
August 2009

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