Monday, December 22, 2014

A Hermit's Christmas

A Hermit's Christmas

All alone I listen,
To the empty dark.
Though the snow may glisten,
Winter seems so stark.
No one stops to tarry,
At my recluse door;
Visitors are wary,
So they come no more.

Watching winter’s progress,
Through a pane of glass:
Nature’s frozen excess,
Studied like a class.
TV tells me stories,
Internet tells lies,
Muse my inventories,
Learning to be wise.

Safe inside my refuge,
Days fly swiftly past.
Fearing I’ll become Scrooge,
Christmas comes at last.
Soft at first, I hear it:
Voices on the air,
Lauding Christmas spirit,
Sing everywhere.

Lights glow in the gloaming,
Sparkle in my eyes;
Specks of starlight roaming,
Through the crystal skies.
Suddenly I’m flying,
Through the ether, cold.
Filled with joy, I’m crying,
Tears of gleaming gold.

All the hearts below me,
Smile as I wing by.
Captive soul now set free --
Heaven in a sigh.
Suddenly my spirit,
Carols to the night;
All below can hear it:
Christmas song in flight.

Mick McKellar
December 2014

I fear becoming a hermit as I remain apart from groups of friends during the flu and cold seasons. Christmas comes to the rescue, letting my spirit take flight.


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