Sunday, April 05, 2015

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

I’m sure I met an Angel once,
Or maybe it was twice.
Still, to let me know for certain,
Would have been very nice.

That seraphs walk among us here,
Is certainty for me.
I wonder if the secrecy,
Is how it has to be?

For many times I’ve felt their touch,
A cool hand on my hair,
That lifts the burden of my pain,
But, no one’s standing there.

A look, a smile, a tender word,
That lifts my spirit high;
Yet I cannot recall a face,
And I can’t explain why.

Long have I watched to find a way,
Angels to recognize;
I think the only way to know,
Is look into their eyes.

For though each face escapes my ken,
Their haunting eyes remain,
And I’ll remember to give thanks,
When I see one again.

Mick McKellar
April 2015

In December 2011, an Associated Press-GfK poll showed that 77 % of adult Americans believe in angels. It is nice to have company.


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