Friday, May 22, 2015

Wishing Candles in the Clouds

Wishing Candles in the Clouds

One night I peered through frosty window pane,
My glance secured by distant, flick'ring flames;
The sky-borne wildfires leapt a dance arcane,
And flaring through the mists, played silent games.
My breath upon the window blurred my sight,
And yet, I gazed entranced at frosty gleams,
That pierced the icy darkness of the night,
And waltzed across the canvas of my dreams.
They moved as though the music of the spheres,
Inspired their capering through inky skies.
I scarce contained my sudden, burning tears,
As countless, crystal lights caressed my eyes.
Did angels burst through misty, scudding shrouds;
Or were they wishing candles in the clouds?

Mick McKellar
May 2015

Who hasn't gazed on the far-away, flickering lights of the night, and made a wish or two?


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