Friday, June 19, 2015

Angel's Tears at the Gate

Angel's Tears at the Gate

An angel stood forth on a western wall,
Above all the grandeur of Heaven's gate;
And lowered his head so his tears could fall,
On the crowd outside, some seething with hate.

His tears washed the innocent of their stain,
And changed all their clothing to brilliant white.
When drops touched the haters, it caused them pain,
Turned their skin blood red, and clothes black as night.

The innocent tried to approach the gate,
To enter Heaven, begin a new age;
But were blocked by the others, filled with hate,
Who then tried to destroy them in their rage.

The innocents stood forth, with open arms,
And embraced the haters before that gate.
They held them all fast, despite faint alarms,
And slowly absorbed the stain of their hate.

The angel then cried many joyful tears,
That showered the crowd now beneath his sight.
The innocent saved their now hate-free peers;
 All entered the gate, their clothes brilliant white!

Mick McKellar
June 2015

It seems we may need a flood of angel's tears.


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