Monday, March 21, 2016

Impressions and Images

Impressions and Images

In the sweet softness of slumber's embrace,
Dreams of the Earth-bound can swiftly take flight;
As the artist of mind observes it all,
Impressions and images fill the night.

Rocks under water, movement and stillness,
Silky white skirts of a river’s swift fall;
Restful reflections from liquid light mirrors,
Azure haze filtering glow above all.

Blue green and tan pull the eye sunward,
Hazy horizons surrounding the deep;
Fire streaks the surface of water at rest:
Hot coals of red snow powder shorelines steep.

Soft gold and green caress dancing rivers,
As steel gray and lavender swallows sand.
Curtains of white screen verdant embankment,
Soft liquid silver soaks shoreline's dark band.

Silver white cascades frame portrait of life:
Ancient, bent tree greets soft morning sunlight.
Sunset breathes foxfire on basins of blue,
Golden mist burns through forest at twilight.

Cerulean snow wreaths green and gold fire,
And evergreens skate on mirror dark blue.
Blue water iris staring at Heaven,
As black water mists cliffs of gray iron dew.

Cotton ball clouds settle slowly to Earth,
Frothy seafoam decorates green sand shore.
Slowly I float from the sky to the strand,
Longing to dream and to fly there once more.

Mick McKellar
March 2016

Sometimes, my dreams take flight with technicolor images throughout the night.


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