Monday, June 12, 2017

Final Road

Time was, we'd sprint the snowy distance fast,
Or laugh because the rocky road was tough.
Too soon became those carefree days our past,
And hand-in-hand we traversed through the rough.
At times, we carried little ones along.
At times, we stopped because we needed rest.
And sometimes, we would break into a song,
Because our time together was the best!
And then, there came the toughest road of all,
Whereon I faltered, stumbled, skinned my knee.
You held me up so that I would not fall --
Walked slowly, for twas then you carried me.
And love helped me complete my last adieu:
A last walk down the final road with you.

Mick McKellar
June 2017

We walk many roads with those we choose to love. Though some seem impassable, impenetrable, or impossible -- it's together we journey far.


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