Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Price of Silence

Sunlight dapples darkling streams,
As days morph into nights,
And we mourn our missing dreams --
The loss of basic rights.

Silently we watch them go,
We utter not a cry.
We do not resist the flow,
We do not say: “Goodbye.”

We do not believe our eyes;
We think our ears heard wrong.
When we hear the blatant lies,
We meekly go along.

We watch people full of fear
And hate believe the lie;
Watch as freedoms we hold dear
Are snatched away to die.

We watch as democracy,
The oligarchs will steal;
Patently refuse to see,
The silent coup is real.

We watch a clown dance about;
We laugh at ev’rything,
Till the richest use their clout,
To make that clown our king.

Those who don’t need further wealth,
To satisfy their greed,
Find that money can’t give health.
You can’t eat it in need.

When they die, as we all must,
The legacy they’ll leave:
Piles of poison, trash, and rust;
As silent millions grieve.

This awful scenario;
This dreadful image stands,
If we simply let it go.
If we sit on our hands.

Mick McKellar
November 2017

History tells me that I should be concerned.


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