Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chasing Joy

Each day is both a joy and a curse, ignoring this truth only makes it worse. When I get up each morning, I seek the rush of a surge of energy in the early hush and quiet of the predawn hour. I need that surge of energy to jump past the boundaries reason sets, based on my perceived limitations and the paranoia that comes from knowing they might actually be out to get me. Keeping that in mind, the best victory is to sprint past the curse and chase joy all day long.


Chasing Joy

Each day, when I rise, I am uncertain
Regarding my reaching beyond the pale,
Because of the evil behind the veil,

Or the wondrous joy beyond the curtain.
My thoughts leap alive in the pre-dawn hush.
My senses awake, and begin to hum,
As my mental fingers forcefully thrum -

Plucking the strings of adrenaline rush;

Slipping the bonds that my worries have made,

And speeding across a wide open field -
Soaring and dodging the limits they wield.
My conscious mind joins the spirit cascade,
Using all the skills it owns, to enjoy
Leaving evil behind and chasing joy...

Mick McKellar

September 2006

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