Thursday, September 14, 2006

Surviving an Ego Trip

A few short weeks ago, I was standing on the northern shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula, watching a glorious sunset over Lake Superior. I am still amazed at how insignificant I felt, surrounded by the natural grandeur of the lake and the burning fury of the western sky. Only a few moments ago, I realized how lucky I am to have access to such events, both for their intrinsic beauty and for their ability to bring my ego back to Earth.

Web logs (or blogs) provide the opportunity to allow my ego to swell beyond its usual, barely manageable size, and to let my opinions run rampant over fields of common sense, compassion, and critical thought. How wonderful to have the forest to remind me how limited is my time on this planet. How great to have the thunderous power and gentle beauty of Lake Superior to remind me how tiny are the scratches I leave on the fabric of life. How sublime to have the vaulting glory of the summer sky to remind me of the vast ocean of air which surrounds and supports my tiny spark.

My words should stand no taller than the ideas from which they sprout. My thoughts should be no deeper than the depths of the consciousness stream from which they spring. My light should shine no brighter than what is needed to illuminate my steps as I travel through life.

For in the vast desert of useless information surrounding us, even small ideas can anchor the shifting sands and provide an oasis. In the enormous sea of information on the Internet, averaging an inch in depth, even a moderately deep thought can provide a tranquil pool where the fast and shallow currents can slow and rest. In the limitless shadow of a world veiled by fear and mistrust, even a small spark can lead the way to a greater light.

It is in this spirit that I begin this web log, and it is in this spirit I hope to survive the pitfalls of my arrogance.

Mick McKellar

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