Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come UP

It is my deepest wish that folks who look through the lens of opportunity aim that lens at Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Born in Detroit, I have lived in the Western U.P. since 1967 — a long love story with a place that still echoes in many ways what the world was like when it was new and unspoiled. Age 59 and once again out of work due to economics, I still have hope that the secret treasures of Michigan and especially the U.P. will be discovered.

In that vein, I offer the following, which streamed from my virtual pen this morning as part of my daily exercises in keeping a positive attitude.


Come UP

You want bright blue waters to see -
Clean beaches to run safe and free?
You want a place your kids can thrive -
To celebrate that you’re alive?
You want great country, sweet and green -
With vistas like you’ve never seen?
You want vast forests, strong and tall -
With resources enough for all?
You want great people, friendly, fair -
And oceans of clean sparkling air?
Don’t say you can’t find these things, man -
Say, “Yes I can…in Michigan!”

And please, don’t stop with just the mitt -
Don’t think that’s the extent of it.
Look up to find the things I saw -
Beyond the straits of Mackinaw.
Beyond the Mighty Mac you’ll find
A treasure of the richest kind:
Untapped riches wait your sight -
Often dressed in winter white,
Or in summer’s velvet green,
With deepest blue you’ve ever seen!
The friendly folk who fill that place,
Are blessed with heart and health and grace.
Come find these things, you know you can…
Come UP to Upper Michigan!

Mick McKellar
February 2009

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