Monday, June 13, 2011


It does chafe the soul, hiding from the sun in an area that is not known for a lot of sunny days. I was never a sun worshiper, lying for hours in direct rays to tan my hide. Born with the "Celtic curse" of fair skin and a penchant for burning and peeling instead of turning brown, I have always taken some precautions. Yet I spent many a happy afternoon hiking, swimming, or just walking about on our rare and wonderful, sunny days.

Now, because of my skin's delicate condition and the effects sunlight has on my medications, I must avoid exposure to direct sunlight, whether natural or artificial. Because I used to have house plants, I know that most living things need some light to survive and stay healthy. People housed away from the sun develop a palor and even vitamin deficiencies. Will I turn pale and colorless away from the old haymaker? We shall see...



I've been told I must stay out of the sun;
A medicated mushroom in the dark.
The restriction makes sense, but it's not fun
To hide inside -- a Jubjub-hunted Snark.
I'll watch TV or a video disk,
And bathe in LCD/CRT light,
Or avoid the illumination risk,
By venturing outside only at night.
I wonder, will I simply disappear?
Will I vanish, once I've become too pale?
I could hide here, in perpetual fear,
A prisoner inside a light-less jail,
Or wear sunscreen as thick as molasses,
A broad-brimmed hat, a mask, and sunglasses.

Mick McKellar
June 2011

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