Friday, June 03, 2011

Nap Storm

There I was, poised to tap away an hour or two, letting the ideas flow from mind to fingers to keyboard, when I blinked twice and discovered those two hours were already gone. I'd fallen asleep with my fingers on the keys of my ancient Dell Inspiron 2200, while the cursor on the screen, still patiently blinking, had not moved a pixel in any direction. My glass of ice water was tepid, and the fingers holding it were stiff. What happened?

I decided that, while opening up to day dreams, I got caught in a nap storm. This kind of napping is relatively new to me, and to tell the truth, I find it a bit frightening. The incredible speed with which I was gone and back again, although only my perception, was unnerving. That's why I call it a nap storm.


Nap Storm

I woke to find two hours had passed me by,
And I did not remember going to sleep.
I blinked to chase the drowsies from my eye,
And vowed to never spend time counting sheep.
My fingers were still resting on the keys
Of my old laptop, waiting patiently
Upon the lap desk, resting on my knees,
In a recliner, with the rest of me.
Though I like to fish in day dream river,
Angling for that slippery, shiny lore.
I waded in to capture a sliver,
But don't remember drifting from the shore...
And why was I afloat in slumber lake?
A sudden nap storm caught me in its wake.

Mick McKellar
June 2011

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