Thursday, November 27, 2014

Touch of Peace

Touch of Peace

Sometimes I close my eyes and feel the peace,
That permeates our home on winter days,
And though it seems the snow will never cease,
The silent blanket smothers my malaise.

My life path on occasion has been rough,
Though with help, not insurmountably so.
Prayers of friends and family were enough,
To see me here, my safehouse in the snow.

By looking back, I see I must let go,
Of all the strings I used to tightly bind
To me, the hopes and dreams I tried to grow,
And set them free, their own life paths to find.

In solitude, I ponder thanks to give,
Though fame and success quite eluded me,
For friends and family, and time to live;
I’m grateful for that living legacy.

I sense the slowing of life’s mighty wheel,
Days grow shorter and the nights grow colder.
I live each day, prepared for when I feel,
God's gentle touch of peace on my shoulder.

Mick McKellar
November 2014

Once again I’ve been reminded of the delicacy of my health, and in the silence of late night, put to work pondering my fragile legacy.


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