Sunday, March 08, 2015

Come and Warm Me

Come and Warm Me

I have silently gone sad,
I have silently gone mad,
I have silently embraced the end of Winter;
Because I'm not much older,
Because it is no colder,
I am training with my cane to be a sprinter.

For I sense the end of chill,
For I sense the sun's warm thrill,
For I sense the mad desire to walk in sunshine;
I grow tired of shivering,
I grow tired of everything
That can chill me like an ancient bottle of wine.

Come and warm me with your smile,
Come and warm me for awhile,
Come and warm my frozen heart and start it beating;
Make it stop snowing today,
Make the sun come out and play,
Tell me that the Summer will not be as fleeting!

Mick McKellar
March 2015

This time of year, it seems that winter will never end and any hint of warmer temperatures is joyous news. Any snowflake is a mortal enemy.


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