Friday, March 20, 2015



I read daily of violent attacks,
And doses of death that all call terror;
Their fear engendered, not solely by facts,
But by insecurity and error.
The mighty shout of the media mouth,
Rattles young nerves and gives old men nightmares;
Making rumors unwise, language uncouth,
And weapons of words and rusty plowshares.
The peaceful lifestyle we've so long enjoyed,
Bought with the blood of valiant sacrifice,
Is threatened by those easily annoyed,
Who seek to be righteous at any price.
Are we in shadow, fallen from the light,
To hurt others to prove that we are right?

Mick McKellar
March 2015

Has pervasive social media, intended to forge new connections between us, made it impossible to peacefully debate and discuss important and urgent matters in public forum?


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