Saturday, December 19, 2015

Glimpse of an Angel

Glimpse of an Angel

I stood, back to a window, when my eye
Glimpsed movement, and I stood there, shivering.
My muscles shuddered violently—did I
See the shadow of a bright angel’s wing?
In an instant, I turned, and tried to see
What caused that flashing shadow to pass by.
Pewter sky and milky snow greeted me,
And evergreens that whispered with a sigh.
Here and there touches of color so bright,
Glimmered through hazy clouds of blowing snow,
And promised to cheer up the coming night,
With their twinkles, their sparkles, and their glow.
And though I cannot prove it, I’m happy
To have a Christmas angel visit me!

Mick McKellar
December 2015

We all see apparent furtive movement and shadows from the corners of our eyes. Who is to say it might not be an angel or two, just watching over us?


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