Friday, January 22, 2016

A Speck of Forever

A Speck of Forever

I sensed the distant wake of its genesis;
Perceived as an awakening supernova,
but in an impossibly remote galaxy.
Its nascent touch,
the brush of a mosquito's wing on my cheek,
Was barely there,
but impossible to ignore.
My heart leapt,
Quickened by the thought of distant thunder.
Something wonderful was coming!

A chill wind stirred the dormant, slumbering dust
in the farthest attics of my mind.
The startled air whispered to me:
"Something wonderful is coming!"

I tasted air,
with the piquant savor of electricity,
the sweet promise of ginger and salt,
the lovely flavor of life.
I stumbled, once;
as the floor shook beneath my feet,
and a brilliant storm of light and sound
washed over me, and shone around.

My eyes were captured,
by the dignified flight
of a regal point of light;
an aura, a diminutive sun,
encompassing rays of rainbow hues.
Its gravity drew me forward,
as it gently came to rest
within my cupped hands.
Soft, yet irresistible thoughts
engulfed my mind,
and pulled me deep
within the petite, pulsing light.

Within the cascading light,
I felt the might and grandeur of life.
I saw the weakly flickering candle that is me.
I wept and laughed and sang and dreamed...

When I woke, I was alone.
I was changed, but I know not how.
I feel joy pulsing within me,
And that will be enough for now.

Mick McKellar
January 2016

A speck of light in your dreams can brighten your life.


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