Sunday, January 10, 2016

Snow on Fire

Snow on Fire

Fragile crystalline casements
keep frigid winds at bay,
yet guide warm, flickering, liquid light
to paint broad samite blankets
with dancing shadows.

The flash and flare of fire,
and fierce incandescence,
lend comfy luster
and lambent coruscated ripples of life,
to winter's whiter wonders.

As our radiance calls out to the dawn,
a luminescent dream of daylight promises,
gleam through the night.
Our auroral campfire,
on a distant hill,
sings of the bonfire to come.

Our fear of the darkness,
is waving madly at the massive silver disk,
which sails the indigo sea,
beyond our Earth-bound shores.
Cold fire blazes from the distant stars,
who whisper through the silence,
that our own star is merely a world away;
and does not sleep,
but dances for neighbors over the horizons.

We sleep our winter sleep,
when shadows run deeply and wait,
to rest when the shadows hide,
from the golden fire in the bluest sky,
in that brilliant morning...
when the snow is at last on fire.

Mick McKellar
January 2016

We light the night, for we fear the darkness and dream of the fiery light of day.


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