Saturday, September 08, 2018

Too Tired

I greeted this morning's sun with a smile,
And wanted to dance because I felt great.
Dressing, I hummed an old tune for a while,
And hurried downstairs for my breakfast plate.
Tea was delicious (I made it myself).
My cereal bowl rang out, like a bell,
When my fav'rite cereal on the shelf
Clattered into the small ceramic well.
As I plied the sea of milk with my spoon,
I surveyed my tablet for the day's news.
Saw crises galore, and it's not yet noon;
Each writer berating the others' views.
I turned it off, and the silence was great!
It's morning, but I'm just too tired to hate.

Mick McKellar
September 2018

Some days, I refuse to turn on my tablet while I'm eating my breakfast, because the news is going to be divisive and hateful. Some folks are talking about working together, but most often they're politicians blowing smoke or someone selling something. It's easier to plow through after my tea (or coffee).


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