Sunday, September 16, 2018

Truly Incognito

Though many daily mount the stage to plea,
With evidence and facts held high in hand:
They will look, but I know they will not see.
They will read, but they will not understand.
As stories are distorted round by round,
As false facts fill the bloated media,
The whisper/shout of lies makes epic sound-
Bytes drive us to support acedia...
Yet, sparkles of our banter on the page,
Attract the restless prides of roving eyes,
Whose fearful minds soak in a bath of rage;
And what rage can’t deny, it just defies.
I ponder it all as a simple sleuth;
And wonder, will we recognize the truth?

Mick McKellar
September 2018

So many claim to speak the truth, but they can’t all be right...can they?


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