Thursday, March 09, 2023

What It Means To Live

Why does a child with one cookie share,
Yet the guy with a box full does not?
Why do the poor always seem to care,
While the rich cling to all that they've got?

Does having more make you less of a man,
When a neighbor cries out in great need?
Is it so hard to offer a helping hand,
Or engage in a simple good deed?

Why does a man or a woman lie
In the face of an obvious truth?
Is it only to stir up hatred by
Targeting bias and youth?

Why do old men run the government,
When women have so much to share;
And bullies who think they are Heaven-sent,
Poison news, both in print and on air?

They want our children to see and hear,
Only part of our long history;
Stories of anger, hatred, and fear,
Based on their own bigotry.

Share with children the spice of our life;
The wonders the world has to give:
The light and the dark, the solace and strife,
And to know what it means just to live!

Mick McKellar
March 2023

Stingy old men want to hang on to what they've got, and are willing to sacrifice the futures of our children to take away the possibility that they would see through their lies.


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