Monday, December 12, 2011

Carol of the Stars

I went outside tonight, and it's 20 degrees, air clear as crystal and a velvet sky with millions of diamond bright stars and a moon so bright it dances on the snow. I went outside tonight, just to listen to the music of the stars, and to reach upward and touch the carol of the universe. Christmas is timeless in the northern climes, green and silver, gold and white, gray as shadow and brilliant bright. I went outside tonight, and I gazed to the East, secretly expecting to see a distant star, reaching across the years with the promise of joy and peace.

The piercing cold, the pearly snow, the precious touch of an icy breeze on a soft winter night made my heart sing and my soul soar to dance among the stars. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, especially when I feel the joy of the gift of life.


Carol of the Stars

Black velvet sky, with diamonds beyond price,
Soars soft above a field adrift with snow;
A masterwork of ebony and ice,
A-glimmer with a silver moonlit glow.
The tableau shifts before my wond'ring eyes,
As starlight sprinkles drifts with gems of light;
Clear crystal chimes cold-echo from the skies,
And pierce the subtle silence of the night.
Enchanting voices which caress the air,
And softly whisper Christmastime is nigh,
Swell suddenly to carol ev'rywhere:
Sweet voices of the stars fill all the sky.
The moonlight dims before the Eastern Star,
And love shines forth from long ago and far.

Mick McKellar
December 2011

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