Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Dreams

In the year past:

I have suffered changes, both great and small. 
Yet the change that eclipses them one and all,
The one that disturbs me, profound and deep,
Is my tendency to drift off to sleep...

A peaceful doze in my easy chair, bathed in the gentle aura of Christmas lights, drifting off to timeless tones of traditional Christmas music is a wonderful way to enjoy the peace of least until the sugarplums dance in my head and I wake up hungry for Christmas cookies and hot cocoa (with tiny marshmallows). Memories of Christmases past warm my heart and fill my dreams. May your Christmas dreams keep you warm and happy all year!


Christmas Dreams

As he sat in front of his Christmas tree,
The tired old man drifted off to sleep.
Its twinkling lights were the last he would see,
Before his soft slumber, profound and deep,
Ferried his soul to a wonderful place,
Where memories of Christmas past abide;
Where blessed somnolence and yuletide grace,
Led his spirit to wondrous joy betide.
As the bright Christmases of years long past,
Dwelt once again in his sleeping embrace,
Brilliant images danced, cascading fast,
As a rushing wind tags a downhill race.
He slept on in peace, with only a trace
Of a timeless smile on his ageless face.

Mick McKellar
December 2011

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