Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Gift

On day 308 after my blood and marrow stem cell transplant, still alive and loving it, I wandered outside to shovel a bit of snow and breathe the cold, crisp air of Christmas morning. It's such a simple thing, shoveling and scooping snow. Although most would consider it a bother and near drudgery to pile on the winter weather gear, dry boots, and warm gloves to lift and push a few inches of snow out of the driveway, from the walk, and off the porch; I revelled in feeling my muscles move, watching my breath fog the frosty air, and hearing the strong, warm beat of my heart as I worked.

I received my Christmas gift when my eyes opened this morning. Each day is a gift for anyone who has come face-to-face with his own mortality. To know how precious is life and to understand how fragile is our grasp on this mortal coil, troubles and all, makes the present my precious present, and today my most precious Christmas present. Sharing it with my family and my friends was pure delight and wonderful memories worthy of many pleasant dreams.

Merry Christmas,


Christmas Gift

I stood outside and watched it snow this morn,
And shivered, just a little, in the cold;
On Christmas day, the day that Christ was born,
And pondered when (or if) I would grow old.
Despite the trials of the year gone past,
And more than sixty-one years gone before,
The days have raced by me so very fast,
I need a calendar, just to keep score.
I looked up at the Christmas morning sky,
And said a prayerful "Thank You" just to be
Alive, and with freezing tear in my eye,
Gazed at the silent snowscape around me.
My heart, ablaze with joy, in its own way,
Unwrapped my precious gift, this Christmas day!

Mick McKellar
December 2011

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