Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hidden Empires

Folks ask from where I get all the stories and strange ideas in my poems and essays. Is there some Big Book of Aberrant Anecdotes, Flaky Fables, and Mystifying Myths I reference regularly? Do I have a secret source secreted away on the infamous Internet? Are there piles of copious notes and curious narratives hoarded about my home? Sorry, but search all you will, my sources will not appear...because they reside solely in my mind.

I travel about the empires of experience and imagination of my inner world. I ramble about in the ramshackle attic of my mind. Here I find my ideas, and here I store my records. The human mind and imagination are too vast, too multi-dimensional to be cataloged on paper or deposited in a data base. When I write, I welcome you to my world, telling its tales and relating its beautiful memoirs. These are my hidden empires...


Hidden Empires

You will not find them under my pillow,
Nor in my briefcase or under my bed.
You can follow me anywhere I go;
Any search will lead to ends that are dead.
The trappings of my life seem so normal,
One can stumble on the everyday.
My lifestyle is so simply informal,
Even boredom tries to leave in dismay.
So, where do I closet all the stories,
The adventures and tall tales that I write;
The depths of despair and all the glories,
The long journeys from darkness into light?
I retrieve all the memoirs I can find,
From empires hidden deep within my mind.

Mick McKellar
January 2012

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