Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hole in the Bucket

I sing silent songs and saturate the subtle silences haunting the untrod halls of my cerebral redoubt with music unplayed and lyrics unvoiced. My eyeballs vibrate to the flash and thunder of silent that echoes across the vast expanse of my imagination to the delight and wonder of my soul, but can never be heard by another except in the ebb and flow of my poetry. I lack the spark, the talent, the bridge to bring that music outside and share it as melody, harmony, tone, and music.

In my own mind, I sing the poems I write. I feel their innate harmonies and the rhythms that drive them forward. My inner voice weeps and laughs and cries for joy. It soars to incredible heights and plunges into the darkest abyss. But, it all remains inside, for my true physical voice seems disconnected from the wonders within. My poems must sing for themselves, because I cannot carry the tune from within to without...there's a hole in the bucket of my voice.

Poems are music for the mind.


Hole in the Bucket

I sing within the shadows of my mind,
Where no one else can hear the airs I sing,
And thunder forth whatever I can find...
In total silence...let the rafters ring!
My voice: Basso Profundo in my head,
Could shatter the foundations of a house.
Unlike my true voice, which many have said,
Reminds them, oh so much, of Mickey Mouse.
My sense of rhythm follows no known clock,
My sharps slide high, my flats, beneath the sea.
The glory of my voice, I would unlock,
Unfortunately, I can't find a key.
I can't carry a tune by chance or choice...
There's a hole in the bucket of my voice.

Mick McKellar
January 2012

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