Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Different Eyes






Different Eyes

I now see the world with different eyes.
The eyes of old age, not the eyes of youth.
Although each window still smiles and still cries,
They now have the leisure to search for truth.
Not truth as in knowledge only God knows;
Not truth as in secrets only I see,
But the simple truth that reflection shows:
Maybe not to you, maybe just for me.
I see the beauty in every face.
I can hear a choir in every voice.
I see and hear life all over the place;
I sense possibilities in each choice.
Each hour, each minute is precious to me,
To sing the great anthem of what I see.
Mick McKellar
February 2014

I realized this morning, that I don't see the world as I did only a few short years ago. Maybe I've changed because I have come so close to leaving it, or maybe I am just getting older and I sense my time is growing shorter.


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