Wednesday, February 05, 2014








Though facts of life, all meat and potatoes,
My shadows of hunger suffice to sate;
I am one of those, whose broad palate knows,
To savor flavors that perk up my plate,
Passions that quicken in purple and red,
Dance among dishes both bitter and cold,
And stimulate warmth that goes to my head,
Spurring the bland to be lively and bold.
Spirit and sentiments, blue, white, and green,
Sweeten the bitterest bites in the bowl.
Imagination and faith, though unseen,
Taste heavenly to a starving old soul.
This is seasoning—piquant, savory,
That music and poetry give to me.
Mick McKellar
February 2014

As I search and sample the bits and bytes of the flow from e-mail, Facebook, on-line and TV news, advertising, magazines, and newspapers—I realize that my life can fly by facts, factoids, and data that may or may not be facts. I need the seasoning of music and poetry to slow my mind and savor the flavors of the whole dish.


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