Thursday, July 03, 2014

Silver Light






Silver Light

I stand, exposed, upon a precipice,
Extend my hand to catch a falling star.
I miss the star and fall in an abyss,
But soon I realize something’s amiss,
For time has stopped, and I've not fallen far.

I start to scream, but see a smiling face,
A face at peace and infinitely kind,
A face aglow with welcome and with grace,
That my hot, stinging tears may soon efface.
Panicked, I reach and our hands are entwined.

And as I start to slip from consciousness,
Through velvet fog His voice touches my ears.
A voice whose beauty words cannot express,
Sings to calm all my fears and my distress,
Takes away my terror, and dries my tears.

I think of His face when I am alone,
And facing darkest terrors in the night;
Ponder the argent light with which He shone,
Reflect upon the kindness I was shown,
And sleep, cradled in arms of silver light.

Mick McKellar
July 2014

I have discovered that I may find help, even in my dreams.


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