Friday, August 29, 2014

Be Reasonable...

Be Reasonable...

Life is sweet and must be tasted,
And seasoned with a touch of love.
Soul and savor are not wasted,
When then and now go hand-in-glove.

Past and present dance together,
Although their pas de deux is brief.
Where they meet it's stormy weather,
Prolonged exposure leads to grief.

Lies and secrets reap the whirlwind,
And truth denied gains naught but rust.
Those who dine on only facts, find
The musty taste of ancient dust.

Life is love and hope unfounded,
By the tales our senses can tell:
Belief in things unseen, grounded
In trust, drawn from faith’s deepest well.

Men of reason often plunder,
Our deepest mysteries dispel:
A universe full of wonder,
Where God and man together dwell.

Mick McKellar
August 2014

Science is wonderful, but should not blind us to the unseen wonder of the touch of God.


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