Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wait for Me

Wait for Me

On certain days, they barely spoke at all.
She was reticent; he was nearly deaf.
But some things never need clarion call,
They’re understood, and that was quite enough.

Married for more than half a century,
They could communicate almost by thought.
She went shopping, he slept comfortably;
What he needed, she had always bought.

Most of their best, old friends had passed away.
Their kids did not live near them anymore.
So she was caught off guard that bright Sunday,
When she heard someone knock on their front door.

She called the old man, but he never heard,
And so she opened up the portal, wide.
The man she saw left her without a word:
A guy, dressed as a Minstrel, stood outside.

His voice, a baritone, deep, crystal clear,
Announced that he’d been sent by a good friend.
Then sang a little tune that calmed her fear,
Yet hinted that some things come to an end.

She stepped back once, and beckoned him inside.
He swept by her into the living room.
And as she wondered why she stepped aside,
Shadows of passing clouds caste all in gloom.

The Minstrel knelt beside her husband’s chair.
He sang a song so sweet, it took her breath.
And then she knew her husband wasn’t there,
His nap was interrupted by his death.

As desolation closed around her heart,
She felt something deep down inside her break.
As chains that held her Earthbound fell apart,
She heard a song that told her to awake.

Her open eyes beheld a wondrous sight:
The Minstrel and her husband sang the song.
His instrument glowed with a deep green light.
They beckoned her to rise and come along.

In a moment, The Minstrel stood alone,
And smiled at one remarkable thing:
By waiting till the other one was gone,
Their love transcended even death’s dark sting.

Mick McKellar
August 2014

Together forever -- what a wonderful thought!


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