Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Blanket Show

Blanket Show

Though contemplation’s not my cup of tea,
And meditation is slowly frazzling,
At night, my inner eye can barely see,
For brooding in the dark is not dazzling.
To cogitate my midnight reverie,
With personality so saturnine,
I lay alone to daydream pensively,
And practice rumination while supine.
While recumbent and deliberating,
My horizontal ponderance grows old.
When introspections demand translating,
Reflections seem to slow and I grow cold.
In other words, my thinking is so slow,
I fall asleep enjoying “Blanket Show.”

Mick McKellar
July 2015

We tried to trick the kids into bed by promising a “blanket show.” They didn’t buy it after once or twice. Now that I am slowly sliding down the hill of my prime, I find that I rather enjoy the blanket show so much, I often miss my evening meditation.


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