Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dark Freedom

Dark Freedom

As peaceful sleep encompasses my mind,
And daily problems vanish with the light,
My restless spirit dances on the wind,
And soars on darkling wings through endless night.
I slip the bonds that tie me to the Earth,
And cry with joy, for freedom of my flight
From chains of illness freed, a swift rebirth;
To spring aloft with newborn blissful might!
My phantom heart beats wildly in my chest;
My wings shine silver in icy starlight.
Upward I surge, with fearsome power blessed,
To climb, exultant, to an awesome height.
And spent, I drift in soft, silent delight,
By dreams borne until daybreak brings daylight.

Mick McKellar
November 2015

For some, only the power of dreams gives freedom from the chains of pain.


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