Monday, November 16, 2015

Song of Solitude

Song of Solitude

I wander paths labyrinthine;
I pass unheard, unfelt, unseen.
My presence, veiled, will not intrude;
I cloak myself in solitude.

To watch the world, not intervene,
Not provoke problems unforeseen,
By acts misguided, I pursued;
Are benefits of solitude.

My solitary quarantine,
Seems loneliness to contravene.
My solo brown studies allude,
To voluntary solitude.

Alone, I drift in dreams serene,
Through fields and forests evergreen,
Until my soul, a wraith renewed,
Can thrive obscured in solitude…

Mick McKellar
November 2015

I used to comment on every post and email with which I disagreed. I used to participate in long and fruitless arguments online and in person. These days, I occasionally fluster and bluster, but mostly I watch, I listen, and I learn. It is difficult for the spirit, but I find solace in my dreams and prayers.


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