Monday, February 16, 2015



I've been running from myself in my dreams,
Though why I'm chasing me I do not know.
It wouldn't be as crazy as it seems,
Except I don't have anywhere to go.
As I'm sprinting down snowy winter streets,
I'm right behind me, on cross-country skis.
My dog is chasing me to get his treats,
Yet, doesn't seem confused by what he sees.
My neighbors stand outside and point at me,
Oblivious to cold and blowing snow.
They smile, applaud, and cheer me silently;
It's clear that they appreciate the show.
I wake up, certain it's all in my head,
Yet, how did all that snow get in my bed?

Mick McKellar
February 2015

Two important facts you need to know: 1. Yes, I did have that dream. 2. No, there was NO snow in my bed.


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