Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Children are our lives and our legacies,
Puzzles to be solved and to be treasured.
Loved for their marvelous intricacies:
Complexities too great to be measured.
Childhood can be terror in Tiny Town,
Rebellions rising from the slightest row;
Or afternoons spent with a goofy clown,
And all the giggles patience will allow.
Experts will tell you what you should expect,
And then sell you their insights by the book.
But, all their advice won't make you perfect,
Because most of it is gobbledygook.
It's best to ignore all of the above,
And just be there, with your arms full of love.

Mick McKellar
February 2015

It's best not to worry about keeping track of all the things you did wrong when raising your children. When they grow up, they will be able to give you a list.


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