Thursday, November 08, 2007

Inside the Silence

I have often wanted to ask others, "Where do you go, when you wake in the morning?" Oh, I'm sure the question would elicit blank stares and quizzical knotting of eyebrows at first, but it is a valid question. Upon waking from the world of dreams, we all must travel from that warm and protected realm to the challenging and even harsh realities of making a living and living a life. I wonder, however, how many travel instantly to the plastered, polluted, and polyestered planet on which we make our daily journey, and how many find a quieter path to the doorway to each day.

For me, I abhor sudden immersion in the work-a-day challenges and battles, the siren sounds and chaotic claxons, the negatives and negotiations of life among my fellow travelers. I get up early enough to ease past the transition by walking slowly inward, to revisit my silent redoubt, a day's dawn reminder that there is sweet peace to be found in the heart of my mind. The dawn's pledge to chase away the shadows of night, leaps to light in my morning sight, and I find the will to move ahead, waiting for me, inside the silence...


Inside the Silence

The chilly gray dawn and the morning air,
Cradle my waking in silence and peace.
The day's certain chaos is not yet there;
No payment yet due on sanity's lease.
As my eyes caress the still, silent dawn,
And consciousness willingly wanders out,
Pondering tiny footprints on the lawn -
Traced in the snow blanket scattered about.
It's then I open my heart to the day,
Accepting the pledge of new risen light,
That whatever problems may come my way,
I've a haven from the shadows of night:
The infinite world of peace that I find,
Inside the sweet, silent heart of my mind.

Mick McKellar
November 2007

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