Monday, November 05, 2007

Timelord: Unstuck

I'm only guessing, but I believe that we all, from time to time, think of ourselves as masters of our domains and lords of our time. In that secret place of mirrored walls, soft shadows, and rose-washed illumination; that private redoubt of personal power wherein we feel both large and in-charge; we each rule supreme and stand alone, arms akimbo and locks flowing in the winds of self-assurance. There each can feel free and able to reach out from the center of that personal universe to guarantee peace, truth, justice, and the American way...

Truth be told, none of us stands completely alone. We all work for someone, or answer to some higher authority for our actions or inactions. Our connection to others is what holds us in place and keeps us so fortunately stuck in time...


Timelord: Unstuck

I like to believe I'm Lord of my time,
And that I hold sway over what I do.
Yet, I wouldn't earn a dollar or dime,
Should I others' needs and orders eschew.
"We all work for someone," a wise one said.
Even the richest man in the world,
Depends on others to help earn his bread.
Without them, his flag cannot be unfurled,
And he remains quite unknown and alone...
A leader sans followers cannot lead -
Like a muscle without tendon or bone -
Cannot achieve what he may want or need:
A timelord who's disconnected, unstuck;
Out of time, out of power, out of luck.

Mick McKellar
November 2007

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