Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It Just Makes Sense

Life should be about "giving to" not "taking from." Yet, each year, when Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas role around, fewer and fewer people are willing to wish me a Merry Christmas or a even a Happy Thanksgiving. I believe political correctness has gone awry. May as well tell me I cannot show friends a picture of my beatiful grandchild because someone with poor eyesight (or who hates children) cannot or will not look at it. May as well tell me I cannot raise my voice in song, because someone with poor hearing or who hates music (or my voice) cannot or will not listen to the song. Now they tell me that, because someone may not like the Christian color of my light, we all should sit in the dark - because the dark is so "inclusive." The dark is also dark...

I do not apologize that my poems rhyme and adopt forms more popular in the late 19th Century than in the early 21st. I will not apologize for writing about feeling the touch of the Creator, when I walk on a snowy evening and shiver at the delicate phantom touch of snowflakes on my upturned face, or as I savor the rich green shadows of the ancient Estivant pines on a sultry summer afternoon. The universe of those who believe this world just happened by chance must be empty indeed, and cold because all is ruled by the tossing of dice. There is an icy beauty in the concept of a universe driven by probability, but it cannot compare to a universe designed by a loving and powerful Creator. I love a mystery, and there is none greater.

I want to than Martha Dobbs for the beautiful image I used on the page with this poem. Then I want to thank her for reminding me that, politically correct or not, the world is too beautiful to have simply happened. It was created - it just makes sense...


It Just Makes Sense

His message comes through clearly,
If you listen with your eyes,
To children cared-for dearly,
And to brilliant sun-drenched skies.

His voice is all-surrounding,
If you watch with loving ears.
It's filled with love abounding,
And a light that calms your fears.

Just taste His wondrous incense,
All afloat on spirit breeze,
And smell flavor so intense,
It will bring you to your knees!

See and smell and taste and hear
Life, you love so very much,
And know He is very near,
When you feel His loving touch.

Human senses let you pray,
So very many ways, and
Savor each and ev'ry day,
That you dwell within His hand.

Mick McKellar
November 2007

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