Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pleasant Moments

I was considering how often I say, "Happy Thanksgiving!" without considering what I'm thankful for. Like "Good Morning," "Good Night," and "How are you?" -- the words just roll past my lips without careful consideration of what I'm saying or asking. If you think this is not the case, the next time someone asks how you are, tell them. Give them the litany of your day's travails and blessings. They won't be expecting it, for their words are automatic, part of a standard greeting. They may never ask again...

Put to the test, I wonder how many folks can say what the Thanksgiving holiday celebrates? As an American, I have so many blessings, they are impossible to count, and Thanksgiving makes me think of freedom, family, friends, football, and food. For me, it's a quiet day, filled with precious memories and pleasant moments.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Pleasant Moments

Can we in conscience, silently conspire
To let a festive holiday slide past,
Without a little spark, a little fire
Of passionate desire to break the fast?
And though we often travel many miles,
Arriving tired, rump-sore, and quite spent,
Familiar faces bring forth quiet smiles,
And make us very thankful that we went.
We leave behind the bustle and the stress,
Journey through the winter's advent weather,
And while we all try to forget the mess,
Spend a little pleasant time together.
For after all there's nothing quite as good,
As moments spent with fam'ly, friends, and food.

Mick McKellar
November 2007

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