Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Blossoms in the wind, dancing and dodging, wobbling about with every little gust, seem so delicate and frail they should simply break apart and scatter their petals upon the gale. Yet, they bend with the pressure, bending and shaking, nearly breaking, and rebound to display their beauty. Rooted firmly in good soil and lovingly cared for, it offers the joy of its presence and the reassurance of the tenacity of life.

Planting and cultivating a friendship, especially one that will be tried and tested again and again by life's stormy gales, requires a loving hand, careful watering and tending, and occasionally a little manure -- applied judiciously and spread very thinly. For those lucky spirits upon this ancient planet, who in the course of their lives have known true friends, I grant you may be the richest souls alive.



A flower, pale, bright, dancing in the wind,
Chancing its petals upon whirling air,
An offer of beauty it can't rescind,
From root, it endures, bravely standing there.
Its life delicately touches my eye.
Its sweet, simple promise touches my soul.
Its honest spirit makes me want to try,
To capture its essence, to keep it whole.
A treasure because it’s so very rare.
Its seed so tiny it defies eyesight,
And cultivating it requires such care,
That few of us manage to do it right.
Yet, with hard work and lots of love to spend,
We can blossom, and become a true friend.

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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