Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crystal Bridges

I have long believed that, when we think about someone we care for, a connection is forged that is untouched and unstained by distance and time. Concern, compassion, and love are powerful emotions that, at least momentarily, change our state of being from internalized thought to a broadcast channel of immense power. The closer we are to each other, the more we can "feel the love," and sense the underlying compassion and concern. A hug can be a life changing event.

Sometimes, when I pray, I can feel a connection with God -- the slightest, ephemeral whisper of a touch, yet overwhelmingly real and profound. Perhaps it is but the yearning of my heart to reach out and touch the face of God, or maybe He simply took my call. And someday, when I am done here, and go home, I am hoping for a universe changing hug.


Crystal Bridges

In a dream, I saw a bright glowing world,
A crystalline network, arches aglow,
Uncountable brilliant branches unfurled,
Flashing in myriad colors below.
For each glowing soul, the power of light,
Just waited to be given direction.
With each kind thought a crystal bridge took flight,
Forging a momentary connection,
A glistening conduit, bright gleaming,
Unseen, with whomever they thought about;
And a power surge, silently beaming,
Delivered the good they were sending out.
The image that warmed my own heart so much?
Each soul grew brighter with each gleaming touch.

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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