Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Ordinary Day

I suppose everyone dreams of a utopia or a special place, where the wrongs of our own world either do not exist or can be resolved by magic or just by caring friends and family. Mine always seems to include images from my favorite books, especially the fantasy works of Tolkien, Lewis, and Brooks; all mixed up with peace and plenty for all.

The images of an "ordinary" day in that wonderful place, I keep in a corner of my mind, as a refuge or redoubt -- a retreat from some of life's harsh realities. It is my special place, where I go when a procedure is painful, or I need a few moments to collect the ragged end of my emotions, frayed by an unexpected challenge or grand disappointment. Fear and anxiety cannot exist there, and once free of that pair, I can think freely and put things in perspective -- and that is on an ordinary day...


An Ordinary Day

I dreamed that I was in a wondrous land,
Where wizards cured diseases with a spell,
Or healers might, with a touch of their hand,
And a secret draught, make anyone well.
The rulers of the land were fair and wise;
The people were content and lived in peace.
The countryside was easy on the eyes,
And errant knights were the only police.
I moved from place to place with just a thought:
From room to room, or far as I could see.
Folks said it was a myth that wars were fought,
And none had ever heard of cruelty.
We celebrated life in ev'ry way,
And that was just an ordinary day...

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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