Saturday, May 21, 2011


I truly enjoy listening to rain tapping on the roof, especially when I don't have to go out into the wet weather. Walking along in the rain, when there is no wind, and you have an umbrella, can be an enjoyable experience -- but how often does that happen? At home, in the Keweenaw, I most often see rain moving sideways, being driven by a storm wind, and fighting an umbrella under those circumstances adds frustration to the whole soggy experience.

Today started with a slow, but steady rain, and I decided to try driving my car for the first time since January. All was fine until the return trip to the Gift of Life Transplant House, when the sky opened up and let loose a torrent which made vision near impossible in downtown Rochester traffic. However, I passed the test. Five minutes after I parked the car, the rain stopped and the sun came out. I like rain, I really do...but it can be overdone.



I love to quietly listen to rain,
Tapping softly on our roof when falling.
The natural rhythms sky tears sustain,
To the music in my heart is calling.
And when in sync, the flow is powerful,
To make a pewter-gray day a jewel;
Instead of the dreary, drab, and hour-full,
Tests of patience so many find cruel.

To walk in a light rain is a pleasure,
If there's no wind, and you've an umbrella.
A bubble of dryness is a treasure,
To a slightly damp, but happy fella;
Not because the other walkers are damp,
From each dripping head to each soggy shoe,
As through falling sky-dew they're forced to tramp.
But then again, I smile -- maybe that's true...

Still there are times I find rain abhorrent,
Especially when I am caught outside,
And unzipped clouds pour forth in a torrent:
A deluge leaving me no place to hide!
I trudge along, taking a cold shower
In my clothes, but that may not be the worst;
Try driving a car, through traffic's power,
When near blinded by a sudden cloudburst.

In other words, I really love the rain;
But when overdone, it can be a pain.

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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